The Horbal Family Page

Contributions by Alan Horbal

This is my grandfathers store 
135 Main St Derby Ct cir 1912
This is a return address from a envolope to my grandfathers place of busness.

The five Horbal girls and their niece left to right:

Niece Aquilla married Mike John Warecke born 1883  to 
U S A  on S. S. Ropzisa 9-30-1903

Afia born 1888, died 1962.  Married  twice,  Timco Chirkot born 1882, died 7-6-1931.  Jacob Grywna born 1878 died 1952. Tto U S A on Ropzisa 9-30-1903

Anasna born 4-19-1893 died  3-21- 1966.  Married Nicholas Zuraw born 12-18-1878 died 8-30-1954.

Alexandra ( Ella) born 4-15-1978 died  9-12-1961. Married John Dokla born 6-6-1873 died 2-8-1946.

Cathern born 10-14-1874 died 4-21-1949.  Married John Zylich born 1873 died 4-2-1939

Anna born 1887 died 3-4-1907. Married Timco Chirkot born 1882 died 7-6-1931.

Alexander & Thedozia Horbal
This is a picture of my grandparents the day of their
wedding in 1900. 


This photo is the wedding day of Mary H. (Kobasa) &     Kundrat Horbal 3-11-1905.  She was born 3-15-1880 in Bortne, died 8-7-1925 in Derby CT.

He was born 10-1880 in Bortne, died 1-31-1921 in Derby CT.  He arrived in the U S on the SS Bremen 3-16-1899 at NYC.