The Horbal Family Page

The Family Tree

Below is the beginning of what we hope will turn into a very extensive family tree.  If everyone submits their own little piece of the puzzle, we may be able to put it all together. Click on the tree above to e-mail your information.

Submitted by: Alan Horbal

Descendants of Theodor Horbal

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Submitted by: Ellyn Fill/Marietta, GA

Andro (Andrew) Fill B: 1886 D: 1953
married Est. 1909
Mary Horbal B: 1892 (est)  D: 1948
Eva B: 1910
Michael B: 1911
Stephen B: 1913
Rose B: 1916
George B: 1921
Raymond B: 1927

The following is just conjecture; nothing documented for sure:
Our Mary Horbal is the daughter of:
Theodore Horbal who married Eva Frensko about 1862
Mary's siblings were Andrew, Teckla and Bogdan and we have no dates on any
of them.